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ESPM has an area exclusively dedicated to the relationship with companies, offering support to undergraduate students in professional internship programs and enhancing their insertion in the labor market. In addition to the relationship and contact with companies, the program offers support services and guidance during the beginning of their professional journey.

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We support our students in the process of self-knowledge and recognition of the labor market, so that they are able to make the choices best suited to their skills and professional goals.

To help students at the beginning of their professional journeys, ESPM has different kinds of support structures:

Vacancy Channel

ESPM receives daily notifications of professional opportunities and makes the information available in a vacancies channel accessed by students.


The students at ESPM have a team of career counselors available for individual consultations throughout their undergraduate studies.


ESPM maintains partnerships with different companies, offering courses, workshops, and lectures focused on developing skills for the market.
The relationship between ESPM and its partner companies also includes special recruitment and selection projects, exclusive or not, with integrating institutions and large companies, expanding the possibilities and facilitating the insertion of its students in the labor market.

A look at the market

In order to support students in their career decisions, ESPM also offers studies and information about the labor market and the possibilities of acting in each area of study, including employability index data in different business sectors.

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2020 Exit Survey

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The Business Visits Program provides ESPM students with practical knowledge of corporate structures, offering visitation activities to companies with themes aligned to the content of their courses. In all, there are more than 45 annual visits with the participation of more than a thousand students.

Business partners

Partners that collaborate with our program

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