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Your journey in constant motion

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It is a pioneering project in Brazil, which allows you the freedom to define each stage of your professional development. 

What makes dynamic so innovative


Individual modules

You choose how many modules you want to take and how long you wish to take.


Customized Tracks

Set up your track according to the topics that interest you and your professional goals.


Digital Certification

(Digital Badges)
With each completed module, you receive a digital certificate, and can easily share your achievements on social networks.


Various Qualifications

You can combine certificates you have already received and gain new qualifications.

How it works in practice

Imagine that each badge is the certification of a completed module in Dynamic ESPM:
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The more badges you have, i.e. the more modules and course load you complete, the closer you get to an even more complete qualification. With Dynamic, you have two specialization tracks: Upgrade or Postgraduate.
Summer programs

Upgrade Track

By choosing the Upgrade track, you will take short and medium-term courses with many different topics and options, which can be combined to turn individual certifications into a Nanodegree, Minidegree, or Degree, for example:
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Each of the areas has specific courses for you to build your journey with freedom, respecting the chosen modality.
Graduate Track
By choosing the postgraduate track, you will take courses that can be combined to turn individual certifications into a Postgraduate Diploma or Executive Master, for example:
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Cursos de Imersão

Descubra uma jornada de aprendizado única com os cursos de IMERSÃO. Prepare-se para uma experiência imersiva que vai além dos nossos campi, combinando aprendizado aplicado, turismo e visitas a empresas locais. Transforme sua carreira fazendo as escolhas certas.

Learn about our courses

Cursos de Imersão

Explore os cursos IMERSÃO: aprendizado único, experiência imersiva, carreira de sucesso. Faça escolhas certas.

Knowledge Areas

Todas as certificações do projeto estão classificadas em 6 áreas, identificadas pela ESPM como prioritárias para o mundo dos negócios:

Get to know the courses and choose your path

With Dynamic, you have two specialization tracks: Upgrade or Postgraduate. 


Each of the areas has specific courses for you to build your journey with freedom, respecting the chosen modality.

Graduate Track

Upgrade Track

Trail from

By choosing the post track, you will take the classes together with the class that has opted for the course in classic mode and will be able to increase your certifications up to achieving a badge of Executive Master, for example. Check out the courses with open registrations:

Upgrade Track

In the refresher tracks, you will find short and medium length courses, with many different themes and options to find the course that best suits your needs. By choosing this track, you will also accumulate workload to achieve higher certifications, check it out:

In short...
what are the advantages of dynamic espm?

And the best:

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How did dynamic espm come about

Dynamic ESPM was created from a global trend of micro-certifications that attributes greater dynamism, flexibility and, mainly, personalization of the knowledge trails to keep professionals always updated in the emerging market demands.

Eventos ESPM

Conheça todos os detalhes dos nossos cursos, converse com o coordenador e decida o futuro da sua carreira.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you in doubt? Take a look here:

The project starts with an emphasis on competency-based learning with two main advantages: on the one hand, it creates a direct connection between the students' academic validation and the companies' recruitment and selection process; on the other hand, it allows students to create fully customized tracks according to their professional interests and demands.


Students may study ESPM badges individually (e.g. Design Thinking Badge), making their learning experience totally personalized, self-paced and according to their financial reality or career moment. They will also have ESPM Combos, which are sets of badges suggested by ESPM for specific courses (e.g. Post-Graduation in Big Data or Innovation Design and Strategy).


In this, the student will become the protagonist of his or her own ESPM Journey with the mission of accumulating as many badges as possible along the way. After all, there are no limits to the number of badges one can earn in lifelong learning.

Badges are traceable digital credentials that represent the student's achievement in developing the competency that badge represents. Badges, which have public traceability and issuer certification, are the contemporary version of traditional certificates.


The certificates represent the completeness of a student against a pedagogical proposal in a knowledge area (e.g. Project Management or Digital Marketing), while the badges represent the proficiency of a student in developing a specific competence within a knowledge area (e.g. Design Thinking or Social Media KPIs).

The badges offered undergo a review of the pedagogical approach and technological structure. Therefore, only those who pass the offers available in the badge section of the ESPM website are eligible to receive the digital credential.


But stay tuned! Because new badge offers are continuously included throughout the year.

For now, only the offers available in the "Dynamic ESPM" section of the site are part of the portfolio, but new offers are included all year round.

The certification that passing the course offers is not valid. However, the points accumulated in each badge are valid for 3 years from the date of receipt to be used to upgrade to more complete certifications (see question "What can I do with my badges?").

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