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The unusual in constant movement

ESPM Founders

ESPM was born in a room borrowed from MASP.
But it was already big.

The true greatness of a school is not measured by the size of its campus or the number of its students. What makes a school great is the ideal on which it is based. It is the dream of its founders.
It was like this with ESPM.


In 1951, our campus was nothing more than a small room borrowed from MASP, but the dream was giant: to create in Brazil a center of excellence in advertising!


Today, 70 years later, ESPM is a national reference in all its fields, known, recognized, respected and admired. Our alumni have been transforming not only communication and marketing, but all businesses that involve creativity and innovation to generate wealth and development. And all of this has been built upon a dream that we are dedicated to keeping alive.


On our anniversary, this announcement is a tribute to our founders.

What a legacy you have left us!

Learn about the actions performed

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The logo to celebrate ESPM's 70th anniversary was chosen from an online contest, with the participation of students from all campuses: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre.


The winning project was developed by Lorena Logiacco Graça and Thamirys Couto Teles Estercio, students from the Design course at ESPM SP. The decision process occurred in two stages. The first, of analysis, was carried out by six ESPM professors. The second had an external jury, composed of advertising professionals Hugo Rodrigues, executive chairman of the WMcCann agency, and Rafael Torres, graphic designer specialized in branding and brand management. At the end of the process, the two logos with the best scores were submitted to the choice of Dalton Pastore, president of ESPM.


The winners were awarded 100% scholarships in the categories: Upgrade, Summer programs, and CIC.

The traditional course at ESPM - Advertising and Propaganda, changes its name to COMMUNICATION AND ADVERTISING.


The change - subtle, but loaded with meaning, seeks to reinforce the evolution and importance of ESPM in the communications industry, with an innovative, avant-garde initiative, and capable of provoking a broader perception of the course that gave rise to ESPM.

ESPM opens the doors to a new campus in the wonderful city, uniting tradition and modernity in an eye-catching structure: the Glória-Villa Aymoré!


The location will house all of our courses, whether they are undergraduate, post-graduate or stricto sensu, ensuring an even greater exchange of experiences among our students and breaking down barriers to more experiential learning.


The pre-launch event for the new campus took place in September and was attended by Eduardo Paes, mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Dalton Pastore, president of ESPM, and other industry authorities, who talked to the public about the importance of education, as well as the occupation of cultural territories and the promotion of the creative economy in the city.

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The ESPM AHEAD, a free online event held to celebrate its 70th anniversary, sought to highlight the importance of ESPM in history and its role at the forefront of changes in the education sector.


With approximately 11,000 participants, the ESPM AHEAD involved all undergraduate courses at the São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre campuses, and is now the event that will represent ESPM annually, and nationally.  

Commemorative Actions

We carry out impactful, creative, and transforming actions, as is expected from a school that is a reference in creative economy, communication, marketing, and business:

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The students took part in a quiz with questions referring to the historical facts that built our 70 years. And stay tuned, because we will have a new edition! Information on how to participate in the next quiz will be sent out soon, and many giveaways will be distributed to the winners!

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Instagrammable Panels

To celebrate and share ESPM's anniversary on the networks, Instagrammable panels were set up in the units of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. Join us in this party! Share your photos using the hashtag #ESPM70


70th Anniversary Magazine

ESPM has prepared a special edition of the ESPM Magazine about the 70th Anniversary of the School. Articles, testimonials, photos and many curiosities!

successful 70 years


Turning 70, in itself, is already a reason for celebration. But reaching this date with a successful history and being a reference in excellence in education is a fact that deserves to be celebrated! That's why we distributed delicious "successes" in our three units to celebrate ESPM's 70th anniversary.

2020 or nov dez magazine

ESPM Magazine

70th Anniversary Edition